VMware Performance & Health Monitoring

Gain full visibility into performance of your virtual infrastructure and proactively control the costs, risks, and efficiency of your VM and cloud environments.

  • Manage performance, capacity, & configuration
  • Analyze CPU, memory, network, & storage needs
  • Ensure configuration meets business standards
  • Supports VMware vSphere & Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Start monitoring VMs in as little as 15 minutes

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3 Reasons to Try Virtualization Manager!

1. Simple installation-wizard deployment and everyday use
2. Powerful functionality of leading VM management tools
     and more
3. Affordable starting at $2,995, including first-year maintenance
VM Performance Analysis
Monitor virtual environment health, ensure it meets SLAs, and minimize resource contention.
VM Health Issue Detection
Isolate issues before performance degradation, with links to recommended next steps.
App Dependency Mapping
Relate virtual infrastructure to application services to visualize dependencies and health.
Capacity Planning & Management
Identify and reclaim wasted resources, predict capacity limits, and answer "what-if" questions.
Built-In Dashboards & Reports
Search, filter, and sort across collected configuration and performance attributes.
IT Chargeback Automation
Automated processes to govern and chargeback/showback IT, infrastructure, and cloud services.
Configuration Tracking
Determine if your configuration is drifting and see problems stemming from changes.
VM Sprawl Control
Prevent problems by detecting and reclaiming idle, zombie, and over-allocated VMs.
Storage Manager Integration
See from the VM to the physical spindle to diagnose and treat storage contention.